Photo A Day Challenge
January 2018
Day 15: New

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” Eleanor Roosevelt





Photo A Day Challenge
January 2018
Day 12: Sweet

Yes….another food photo from me. I typically prefer savory cooking over baking simply because baking is too precise. There’s very little wiggle room if you want to make changes. Savory cooking allows you to experiment. 
Anyhow….I was having company recently and decided to make a dessert. I found a recipe for this strawberry cake with a strawberry sauce that was so simple and required very little effort. This was the result. There was just the right balance of sweetness without making you feel like you were eating a bucket of sugar.
Ok….you can stop drooling now 

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​Photo A Day Challenge 

January 2018

Day 11: Me

This is me….surrounded by notebooks and tools that are a big part of my spiritual life. I keep separate notebooks for different parts of this journey. One is for sermon notes. One is for Sunday Bible study. I have one just for a personal study in Psalms. I am a Christ follower and that is the most important part of me.
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I Like This!



Photo A Day Challenge
January 2018
Day 10: I Like This!
I like to cook. Well….I love to cook! And I like taking photos of the food I cook (as well as the food ordered when dining out). For me, cooking is my creative outlet and taking photos of my creations allows me to share my passion with others (and possibly make them drool a bit). I really liked this bacon-wrapped stuffed chicken breast. It was quite a tasty dish!
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Everyday Moments



Photo A Day Challenge
January 2018
Day 9: Everyday Moments
Just about every day – I cook dinner for my husband. Most nights, it’s something that comes from an idea in my head as to how to use certain ingredients on hand or ones I’m just dying to try. I love cooking and creating a high-quality meal is usually something that comes with ease for me. In this instance, slow-cooked Asian Spare Ribs with Roasted Sweet Potato Fries.
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